The date has now been set for the introduction of ordinances that would allow the raising of farm animals in urban areas in Battle Creek.

The City of Battle Creek says that at the City Commission’s regular meeting on Tuesday, May 2, changes to the city’s animal ordinance will be introduced for public comment, and possibly for a vote. The draft language would allow for the raising of rabbits, hens, goats or bees in urban areas, given that enough land is available.

The city has been considering adding language regarding feral cats to their animal ordinance, but commissioners don’t feel that portion is ready for a vote yet.

You can read the full proposed changes by going to, and you can email your comments as well, to

The issue of urban farm animals in Battle Creek has been debated for over a year; an ordinance approved unanimously in January by the city commission allowed for urban farming, but specifically avoided allowing for animals, as commissioners thought more public comment was needed.


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