A father and son just recently helped a Conservation Officer find a missing Michigan woman. 

A missing Michigan woman was rescued Thursday night in Muskegon County thanks to the help of two men. Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Jackie Miskovich was a first responder in the search for a missing 35-year-old Muskegon woman.

On Tuesday, the Muskegon woman decided to take a walk and became lost. She then fell down a hill and was not able to find her way out of the woods and was later reported missing on Thursday morning.

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Brett Postema, a 25-year-old hunter, was making his way to a hunting spot in the Muskegon State Game Area and thought he heard a cry for help. After hearing the faint cry a second time, the called another hunter in the woods that could also hear the pleas for help. Postema then called 911 and meet with an officer to give a report before heading home.

Upon returning home, Postema told his father of the incident and they decided to head back out into the woods to search for the missing woman.

I don’t have a good feeling about it...We need to go back out there. If this was my sister stuck in the woods, I’d want someone to go back for her...Brett said.

While searching the woods where Brett heard the cry for help. After a short search, they were able to locate the woman and called 911 for help. Brett ran to meet the officers and his father, Michael Postema, attempted to reach the woman while chest-deep in a swampy area.

After locating the injured and hypothermic woman, Conservation Officer Jackie Miskovich and Michael Postema were able to drag her to safety.

Source: Michigan DNR


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