The federal government’s law enforcement effort called Operation Legend is closing down. The numbers are staggering. Federal agents, joined by state and local police, made more than 6,000 arrests, including nearly 500 people charged with murder. 2,600 firearms were confiscated. Hundreds of kilos of heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine were confiscated. And over $11 million in drug and illicit proceeds were seized.

The operation developed in Kansas City, Missouri but soon spread to cities across the nation, including Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cleveland. It may take years to complete prosecution efforts against all those caught up in the criminal sweep.

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U.S. Attorney General William Barr commented on the operation before leaving his position saying, “"Operation Legend removed violent criminals, domestic abusers, carjackers and drug traffickers from nine cities which were experiencing stubbornly high crime and took illegal firearms, illegal narcotics and illicit monies off the streets. By most standards, many would consider these results as a resounding success—amid a global pandemic, the results are extraordinary. Barr went on to say, “When we launched Operation Legend, our goal was to disrupt and reduce violent crime, hold violent offenders accountable and give these communities the safety they deserve in memory of LeGend Taliferro, whose young life was claimed by violent crime, undoubtedly, we achieved it."

100 people were arrested in the Detroit area as part of the operation. The DOJ reports 33 are charged with narcotics-related offenses. 64 have been charged with weapons charges and the rest with other violent crimes.

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