The Michigan United Conservation Clubs is going after Governor Gretchen Whitmer with a federal lawsuit. The group represents about 40 thousand Michigan residents who belong to member organizations under the MUCC umbrella. The lawsuit is challenging Governor Whitmer’s ban on the use of powerboats for fishing or just plain boating enjoyment around the state. That ban is also interpreted by the Governor’s staff as telling fishing enthusiasts they can’t even use a battery powered trolling motor for fishing. The MUCC claims the Governor’s ban on power boating is unconstitutional, vague, and too broad. It points out that tens of thousands of Michigan residents go fishing not just to fish, but to put food on the table. The lawsuit is asking for an immediate injunction to stop enforcement actions. The suit also names Daniel Eichinger, the Director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as a co-defendant. The DNR has enforcement responsibilities under the boating ban.

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