What a difference a President may make. Last year, the US Justice Department under the leadership of then-President Donald Trump, began looking at nursing home deaths in Michigan and three other states.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the three other Governors involved were vehemently declaring they did nothing wrong by allowing confirmed COVID-19 carriers into the state’s nursing home and long-term care facilities. But when about one-third of the virus-related deaths in Michigan happened at those facilities, lots of people began to ask lots of hard questions.  Including investigators with the US Justice Department.

Move the clock ahead a few months. And consider all four states under review are run by Democratic Governors. Democratic President Joe Biden’s Justice Department is now indicating it will not pursue the investigation. It’s finished. And it’s not releasing the findings of the probe to date.

Governor Whitmer and fellow Democratic Governors of New York,  Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have claimed all along their similar COVID care policies had nothing to do with anyone’s death relating to the virus. Tens of thousands of residents in all four states who lost loved ones say otherwise.

Fox News anchor Janice Dean is among the more vocal critics of the policies which the US government is now refusing to further investigate. She says it ought to be obvious what has happened.

"I believe the deaths of thousands of seniors who have died from COVID in New York State could’ve been prevented, and that’s the reason why I became an advocate over the last eight months trying to expose (Governor) Cuomo’s own "mistakes and shortcomings," while the national media crown him as one of their finest politicians."

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