Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer campaigned for office  with the slogan, “Fix The Damn Roads”.  But it wasn’t until she won the election that she revealed her plan centered around a 45 cent a gallon gas tax increase.  That did not fare well. State legislators including more than a handful from her own party, rejected that idea and proposed a different plan for road funding.  The resulting state budget battle continues. Road funding has been left out of a new supplemental state budget.

But now the Governor says she is working on a new road funding plan. This time, like the first, she is not revealing details. She is however saying it would be unwise to again push for a 45 cent a gallon gas tax hike.

The Governor is accusing majority Republicans in the state legislature of having a “complete lack of courage” to fix Michigan’s roads. The Governor so far is not hinting when she will take the wraps off her latest plan.

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