Ford Motor Company is picking up another industry accolade. Car and Driver is naming the electric Ford Mustang Mach-E its 2021 EV of the year. Considering the dozens of models across the manufacturing spectrum and all the focus on electric vehicles the past few years, it's noteworthy.

The Car and Driver article naming the Mach-E starts right off presenting the distinction that the vehicle is quoting now, “...Foreshadowing a future when an electric vehicle's range is secondary to how it drives…” And that’s followed by the proclamation that, “Best of all, the Mach-E is fun”.

Those who follow industry publications could have predicted this. Car and Driver posted an extensive review of the Mach-E back in February and the comments then were no less top-of-the-line than the new article proclaiming the award.

Ford has been focusing on several angles in its marketing approach. That includes two battery setup options. The larger gives the vehicle a range of up to just over 300 miles.

Despite all the glowing language, Car and Driver does point out some of its less popular attributes. One deals with accepting you are in a Mustang, a car long valued for its sportiness, power, and noise. Car and Driver even admits, if it wasn’t called a Mustang it probably would have ranked even higher over competitor electric vehicles.

But Ford’s well-thought answer to that which many drivers find appealing is the piped-in sound, adding something of a refined V-8 noise on acceleration.  But rating at 346 horsepower, and being quick off the line, the Mach-E makes up for it all. Car and Driver says if any vehicle can help turn the corner to make electric vehicles more acceptable to a larger audience of buyers, this one is it.

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