Questions lingering around the abrupt departure of former Michigan Health and Human Services Department Director Robert Gordon may get answered next week. Then again they might not.

Gordon will comply with a subpoena issued by the State House Oversight Committee to answer questions about his time as the department director. He’s backed away from less forceful requests to appear. And so far hasn’t said anything of substance about the furor surrounding the “don’t-talk – don’t tell” separation agreement with the Whitmer administration. He was paid a little over $155,000 as part of the deal.

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When it came to light that other top and now former people in the Whitmer Administration also got hush agreements, the questions began fast and furious. All had something to do with the state’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Michigan State House Oversight Committee issued the subpoena for Gordon to testify. He immediately responded. He’s scheduled to appear before the committee next Thursday, April 29th.

Committee Chairman, Republican Steve Johnson of Wayland, says important issues need to be addressed. “This administration has had a history and a pattern now of trying to hide things. Of not being transparent. And quite frankly we shouldn't have had to get to the point of needing to issue a subpoena. It would have been a lot nicer had director Gordon come in voluntarily.”

Committee member, Representative Jack O’Malley of Lake Ann, says former Director Gordon took an oath to serve the people of Michigan when he accepted his job with the Whitmer administration and he needs to answer all questions about what happened completely and honestly, “This is about transparency. People have had their lives and livelihoods impacted by decisions the administration has made. They deserve answers regarding what has gone on.”

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