A continued effort to improve the water system in Battle Creek is expected to take place over the next two weekends that will eventually connect to the new water main along Columbia Avenue put in place in 2019 and 2020.

The four-phase project will would connect a new large water main along West Columbia Avenue to the newer line installed along East Columbia between Capital Avenue Southwest and Riverside Drive two years ago. The extent of the new project will take place along West Columbia stretching from Helmer Road on the west to Capital Avenue Southwest on the east. The work will also involve traffic shifts along West Columbia and during the evening hours.

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Below is the listed phases and colors related to the interactive map -

Phase 1 - Saturday evening, April 24th (Orange)

  • West Columbia Avenue from Helmer Road to South Woodrow Avenue
  • South 28th Street from West Columbia to Hupp Road
  • Apperson Road
  • Ansted Drive
  • Alco Avenue
  • South 20th Street from West Columbia to Lakeview Avenue
  • South 24th Street from West Columbia to Lakeview Avenue
  • Lakeview Avenue from South 24th Street to South 20th Street

Phase 2 - Sunday evening, April 25th (Blue)

  • West Columbia Avenue from South 26th Street to South Woodrow Avenue
  • South 20th Street from West Columbia to West Highland Boulevard

Phase 3 - Saturday evening, May 1st (Green)

  • West Columbia Avenue from Capital Avenue Southwest to Wa Wee Nork Drive
  • Foster Avenue from West Columbia to Iroquois Avenue
  • West Highland Boulevard from West Columbia to Latimer Lane
  • Latimer Lane
  • Lucille Street
  • Eel Street
  • Kerston Drive

Phase 4 - Sunday evening, May 2nd (Pink)

  • West Columbia Avenue from Highland Avenue to Arbor Street
  • Ferndale Court from West Columbia to Wa Wee Nork Drive
  • Wa Wee Nork Drive from Menno Place to West Columbia
  • Menno Place

The City of Battle Creek also has a map of residents that will be affected by the water main work. These areas are shown in purple on this attachment. As always, when there is a disruption in the water system, residents will be asked to boil their water for cooking, cleaning or drinking for a minimum of 24 hours or use bottled water. There will also be discoloration to the water for a short period of time. More details on the construction and water project can be found here.

The work will also take place during a major repaving project that will take up a bulk of the summer months in Battle Creek along Columbia Avenue (M-96). The repaving project will stretch from Helmer Road to Tyler Drive (just west of the M-66 overpass). Though it is not confirmed, the repaving may start on the east end to allow the water main project to be completed before repaving would take place.

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