Galesburg Augusta Community Schools Middle and High School buildings are reopening this morning. Students have been kept away from in-person classes for the past week after a couple of individuals connected with the district tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.  The districts Primary school won’t be reopening until next Monday the 12th. The district is not releasing information on how many students were affected by the testing results, nor indicating how many others have been set into quarantine for another week based on results of contact tracing.

As Galesburg Augusta schools begin to reopen, Albion College is partially shutting down.  The College is canceling all in-person classes along with non-academic programs. It’s an indefinite move. The College is ordering all students to undergo COVID-19 virus testing this week. College administrators say students have either today or tomorrow to get that accomplished.  A rapid return on results is expected, maybe as early as Wednesday. Students who fail to show up for testing will be suspended. No exceptions.   ---Albion students are also under extreme limitations where they are allowed to go on campus outside residence halls. Albion College administrators say the few new COVID-19 cases discovered on campus are the results of students failing to stick to rules about college ordered health standards including unapproved travel off-campus and co-mingling with students at residence halls other than their own. The college is threatening students with expulsion if they are found to be willfully violating the college virus rules.

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