Action Matters is a nonprofit organization that offers programs for academics, athletics, arts, activism, and atmosphere. Its mission statement is "Uniting people, uniting places, uniting progress." They have many different programs and groups that are designed to help the Kalamazoo, Michigan community with many different things. Many of their groups are designed with helping the youth in many assets of life. Some of those groups even involve helping parents and children strengthen their relationships while doing various activities.

One of those groups is called F.I.S.T,  which is all about the fathers and their sons that live in the greater Kalamazoo area. F.I.S.T is a new program in town that was started this year and stands for "Fathers Inspiring Sons Together," and focuses on fathers and sons bonding together around other bonding fathers and son duos. This program is limited to fathers who have sons between the 3rd and 6th grades. Its mission is "To provide quality shared time between fathers and sons while engaging in meaningful activities," while its vision is "to strengthen relationships between participants while increasing awareness for life enhancements."

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There are various activities that F.I.S.T will participate in to help the participants strengthen their love for each other. They do everything from group discussions, sports, games, educational outings, leisure activities, field trips, and more while also giving away awards and prizes to encourage participation. They have another event coming up this weekend, one that should be a lot of fun for all of the fathers and sons who have a chance to make it out, there are animals involved.

This weekend, Sunday, July 31st, F.I.S.T will be hosting just their second event ever right here in town. It is a free horseback riding event. The horses will not be in Kalamazoo instead, the group will meet together and then leave from Dunham's on West Main. There will be transportation provided to and from Dunham's for the event, the meeting time is 9:30 am with a return time of 1 pm. Time to get out and saddle up, this is a great opportunity for those who haven't before or maybe never would have, to go horseback riding.

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