Battle Creek could be getting a new set of lakefront apartments.

An ordinance is getting introduced at the Battle Creek City Commission’s next meeting Tuesday that would rezone the parcel of land at 315 W. Columbia Ave. on Goguac Lake. The land is currently occupied by Pasche’s Lakeside and Redline BBQ, and developers want to build a new restaurant space and an apartment complex. The plan is to make a 3,900 square foot restaurant and a 42-unit apartment building, with units from studio size to three bedroom size.

The applicants say the boat docks on Goguac Lake will remain, and the parcel itself won’t be expanded. The parking lot will be expanded to 110 spaces, and various landscaping projects on the land will also be undertaken. The estimated cost of the project is $10 million; if the rezoning is approved, construction would begin in Fall 2019, with the restaurant opening in May 2020 and the apartments opening in October 2020.

The rezoning is required because the parcel is currently zoned for commercial, and that needs to be changed to allow residential use.

If this plan goes forward, it is unclear if Pasche’s Lakeside/Redline BBQ will continue to exist.

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