Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is again declaring her self- granted right to total authority over the state. She’s announcing the decision to again extend her unilateral state of emergency in the state through the end of October. The move is happening at a time when the emergency powers of a Michigan Governor are under extreme scrutiny from the state legislature and a massive petition drive challenging the state law from the 1940's she is using as the foundation for what some call a power grab. State courts, most notably, the Michigan Supreme Court, are reviewing additional briefs in related lawsuits and decisions are pending.  A federal District Court Judge in Michigan is also waiting for the state Supreme Court to decide some issues before he issues a ruling on constitutional questions raised in a federal lawsuit over the Governor's ongoing COVID-19 virus Orders.

The Governor's announcement also extends four previous virus-related control Orders. That brings to 190, the number of Emergency Orders issued by the Governor since the outbreak of the virus in March.

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