No this is not an April’s Fools Day prank. President Trump and Governor Whitmer did talk on the phone about Michigan’s needs during this COVID-19 crisis.

Did Governor Whitmer attack President Trump, the federal government and his scientific team (Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx) on CNN, MSNBC, NBC and anywhere she could get publicity; yes.

Did President Trump reply in kind; yes.

Should Governor Whitmer have started these attacks and President Trump reply in kind: No!

The good news is President Trump rose above Whitmer’s attacks and spoke to her over the phone yesterday according to her spokesperson Tiffany Brown. Brown said:

The focus was on the importance of getting PPE and resources to Michigan for healthcare workers, slowing the spread of COVID-19, and protecting the people of Michigan

One thing I have learned since being in the business of talk radio, these politicians are not like you and me. They can actually get in nasty verbal fights with each other over the airwaves and in print and then turn around and conduct business in a somewhat normal way. Unfortunately, it is what they do and part of the game they play. I do believe that it truly is a game (the attacks) for many long term politicians but not so much President Trump. I think being new to the game he takes their attacks personally and that is why he reacts in the manner in which he reacts.

Which would you rather have, the person playing the game or the genuine human who is like you and me?

By the way President Trump via the federal government last Saturday sent Michigan additional supplies from the U.S. national stockpile to aid health care workers responding to the coronavirus pandemic, with more en route, officials said. Whitmer said that the state received 112,800 N95 respirator masks at the state Emergency Operations Center and that 8,000 more are on the way.

Michigan also received from President Trump via the federal government state 400 ventilators from the strategic national stockpile.

Governor Whitmer said:

great news for our health care workers


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