Battle Creek saw a hail storm briefly sweep through the area early in June, and that has brought lots of people out of the woodwork to try and capitalize on that.

The City of Battle Creek says that neighbors should be alert for individuals carrying out unlicensed door-to-door solicitation in the wake of that damage; they say that several people have contacted them since the storm about individuals soliciting work in areas that were affected. In order to sell products or services door-to-door, companies or individuals are required to obtain a vendor's permit from the City.

The city says that right now, no construction contractors have valid City of Battle Creek Vendor Permits.

Valid and active vendors will have identification badges from the City Clerk's Office, and residents should "feel free" to ask for identification if someone claims to be licensed. If someone comes to your door and cannot produce a copy of their permit, or if they ignore a no-soliciting sign, you can contact the Battle Creek Police Department's non-emergency number at 269-781-0911.

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