The Haven of Rest has now agreed to the terms of a loan from the Battle Creek Community Foundation, to help them get out of a financial hole.

BCCF CEO Brenda Hunt tells 95.3 WBCK late Wednesday that they will be delivering a $50,000 check to the Haven this Friday. The loan also includes a financial consultant, so the Haven can prevent situations like this from happening again.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reported Wednesday that the Haven of Rest Ministries is unable to access around $40,000 from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, because the card is in the name of Elaine Hunsicker, the Haven’s previous executive director who left in July.

Due to the shortfall, employees have not been paid, and some have quit as a result.

Haven of Rest Executive Director Daniel Jones and BCCF Vice President of Grant Making and Scholarships Annette Chapman will be on the Richard Piet Show at 8:08 Thursday morning to discuss this situation in further detail.

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