Calhoun County's lifeline for many of its most vulnerable citizens is Haven of Rest and Inasmuch House.  The Haven has been that lifeline since 1956.   Townsquare Media and 95.3 WBCK has a long tradition of helping with our June Roofsit, but the need continues throughout the year.   Executive Director Daniel Jones was a recent guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.

You may have read Jones' letter in this past week's Battle Creek Shopper and Battle Creek Enquirer.   Some of the highlights:

  • Through October, the emergency homeless shelter served over 2,000 unique individuals of our community, which has meant full shelters nearly every night.
  • Many are children or Veterans.
  • the only facility that feeds the homeless every single day of the year, 65,000 meals this year.
  • Haven of Rest recently paid off a $50,000 loan from the Battle Creek Community Foundation, just over a year after a fiscal crisis.
  • The Haven’s approach is two-fold:  first, to solve the immediate crisis of homelessness,   and; second, to work with the person to address the underlying root factors of their homelessness crisis.


You can send your donation to the Haven directly at 11 Green Street, Battle Creek, MI, 49014, or you can go on-line to the Haven’s website. to complete your gift so that these important programs can continue in our community. Thank you for answering this call to action, God Bless you, and God Bless the Haven of Rest.

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