Work continues on the Heritage Tower in downtown Battle Creek, mostly on the inside.

The City of Battle Creek posted an update on the Heritage Tower redevelopment on Wednesday, detailing the progress being made; inside, a fire suppression system has been installed on the ground floor, and piping will carry the system throughout the building. Some windows have already been installed, which are “as close to exact replicas as possible” to the original windows, while other ones are still awaiting installation.

Floors in the middle and upwards of the tower are going to be apartments, and some of the floors are ready for interior walls to go up. On the exterior, HVAC units are ready to be installed, and crews are using scaffolding to repair the limestone façade near the top of the structure.

Even when it looks like much isn’t happening, the City says that between 80 and 120 people are working every day to rehabilitate the Heritage Tower in downtown.

You can see the video below.

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