This scuba instructor has gained a large following on TikTok with her body-positive videos.

Bryony Costello currently has 166.1 thousand followers and 3.2 million total video likes on TikTok.  Costello divides her time between Holland, Michigan, and the United Kingdom.  Bryony (@bryony.costello on TikTok) calls herself your social media big sis because she wants to be a positive example for younger girls dealing with body image issues,

I try to create content that is happy and positive about self-image. Whether that’s body image or mental image. I’m trying to help younger girls and teenagers realize that their body is the least interesting thing about them and that diet culture sucks 😅

In Costello's most viewed TikTok, she uses the uber-popular Jax song "Victoria's Secret as she conveys a message of body positivity.  This video has been viewed 817.5 thousand times.

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In her second most viewed video, Costello uses a sound trend to hype up young women with body-image issues.  This video has been viewed 716.6 thousand times. (Warning: the audio contains curse words.)

Then there's the battle that many content creators have with TikTok.  Specifically, how TikTok pulls videos down of women with normal, thick bodies yet leaves up half-naked skinny girl videos.  This video has been viewed 605.2 thousand times.

Bryony Costello's Three Favorite TikTokers

  • Anna Paul shows eating all foods is normal.
  • Annaxsitar shows mental health problems and is so vulnerable to her audience.
  • Olivia Kirkby who is a British tiktoker shows her life after her eating disorder and what recovery looks like.

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