A Michigan conservative leader, the head of the state’s Michigan Freedom Fund, is filing a federal lawsuit alleging potential voter fraud in Michigan. The lawsuit is filed in the Grand Rapids federal court district and charges the state is in violation of a federal law that requires accurate voter registration lists. Tony Daunt, who is also a leader of the Clinton County Republican Party, is specifically naming 16 Michigan counties with existing issues including three in SE Michigan surrounding Detroit.  The lawsuit points out that among the state’s counties, Leelanau County near Traverse City may be the most egregious. That county’s registered voter total claims the lawsuit, is 2 percent higher than the county’s actual population. 15 counties in Michigan have registered voter totals at over 90 % of their current known population totals. The state average according to the plaintiff is closer to 75%.

Daunt says the figures speak for themselves. A spokesperson for Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says the suit is a reach. Benson spokesman Jake Rollow claims the federal suit, “seeks to gain media attention using debunked claims and bad statistics to delegitimize our elections.” A similar lawsuit was recently filed naming the City of Detroit as the defendant.  A conservative group based in Indianapolis charges irregularities in the city’s voter registration files, including duplicate names, and dead people.

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