It's almost time for the postseason in the Michigan High School Athletic Association in Boys Basketball. With a new seeding system this season, this year's District brackets will look just a little different.

It was announced last May that the Boys and Girls Basketball Districts would be seeded for just the top two teams, allowing a possible match-up in the finals. This new seeding places the top two seeds on opposite sides of the bracket.

The seeds are based on a rating scale for each team, formulated between the team's overall record, the combined record of their opponents, and the combined record of the opponents the team's opponents have played. The rating, known as the Michigan Power Rating, gives the final rating based on this criteria -

MPR = (.25 x winning %) + (.5 x combined opponents winning %) + (.25 x combined opponent's opponents winning %)

Once the MPR's are put together among the teams in each district (normally five or six teams) the bracket is laid out with the first and second seeds on opposite ends of the bracket. The seeds are based on the highest MPR and the second-highest MPR. Each bracket also has a specific formula to align the remaining teams into the bracket.

The MHSAA has different formulas even between the Girls and Boys formats. For example on the Boys five-team bracket, the second seed is placed in line one and the top seed is on line five. The remaining teams not seeded are placed in alphabetical order based on how the school is listed in the MHSAA directory (ie - Battle Creek Pennfield, Battle Creek Calhoun Christian). The first team on this list is placed on line three, the second team in line two and the last team in line four. This portion is not based on records or the MPR.

The brackets were all completed on Sunday, February 23rd. All of the District play begins on Monday, March 9th

District, Regional and State Quarterfinals sites were predetermined last fall as the State Semifinals and Finals will once again be held at the Breslin Center in East Lansing. There is an advantage for the Battle Creek teams in town, as they will all play within the city limits for the first week of the MHSAA postseason.

Without further ado, here are the Boys District brackets. Be sure to follow along here, as we will be updated the brackets throughout the tournament.

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