They’re calling it “Operation Gridlock”. It will more than likely be the largest organized public protest in the history of the Michigan state capitol in Lansing. Several groups are involved in promoting the protest, designed to put pressure on Governor Gretchen Whitmer to end her “Stay Home-Stay Safe” closing orders and the latest extension and expansion of the orders. It's really anyone’s guess how many Michigan residents and business owners will be showing up. One thing seems clear, businesses will be well represented.  The Michigan Conservative Coalition claims it has about 1,000 vehicles representing Michigan businesses committed to the vehicle gridlock protest. That includes 600 from the construction industry, 200 representing the landscaping industry, and at least one hundred vehicles with trailered boats representing the marine and boating industry. And that’s just the start. Thousands from a new Facebook group in Michigan claim to be ready to join the protest. The group started late last week. As of this morning, the group Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine has 331,000 members. Some are worried that local police and state troopers will be ordered to block off freeway ramps and local streets to prevent protesters from getting anywhere near the state capitol. Only a few hours to go and we’ll see how it all develops.

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