Well, well, well if you or I stole $23,000 from the taxpayers by defrauding the government we would probably go to jail for a good amount of time.

Well apparently if you are a well connected politician and especially a Democrat your friends in high places get you off with what looks like a small amount of prison time.  That is what happened to disgraced former Democrat State Senator Bert Johnson from Detroit.

The Detroit News is reporting that Bert Johnson’s political friends helped him out in quite a big way. Quite a few political heavyweights, about 2 dozen wrote supportive letters to U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman asking for leniency in the sentencing of Bert Johnson when he plead guilty to stealing money from the taxpayers.

Former disgraced Senator Bert Johnson only received a sentenced of 90 days in a county jail for stealing more than $23,000 from taxpayers by adding a ghost employee to his senate payroll and keeping the money for his own greedy self.

By the way this is the second time he was convicted of robbery, the first time was when he was19, he robbed a country club bar and then at 44 he robbed us the taxpayers.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Leitman cited the letters from his powerful Democrat  politician friends saying that without the personal appeals, he would have sentenced Bert Johnson to as much as 12 months in federal prison.  Meaning you and I would have spent 12 months in a federal prison not a county jail

The Detroit News had some examples of the wording in some of the letters one was written by Detroit City Council member Janee Ayers and she stated:

Bert has been a mentor and a strong pillar within the community that he represents and throughout the state

Really a mentor and strong pillar, what was he mentoring you and others on and what was he holding up in the Detroit community.

We need to vote these people with bad judgment, morals and ethics out of office before they do more harm to our society.


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