I don't think I've filled my stapler in at least five years.  It's another one of those things that computers and smart phones have rendered obsolete.   Renk asked me for one the other day.  I found it pushed back behind my computer screen.  Ironic.

Yes, Monday was ‘Fill Our Staplers Day."

It was started by the Dull Men's Club a few years ago.  They sent it in to Chase's Calendar, and Chase's said.....ok.   I wonder if they ever say no?

Anyway, we at the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show decided to make it a day for a little organizational housekeeping.    I had a conference call this morning.  (We have a lot of them).   Perfect!  Here's what I did:

I went though all of my pens and markers, and actually threw away any that did not write.  Never mind that a lighter or match might bring them to life.  I made an executive decision.  Why was I saving them?    In case the Ink Fairy is real??  I know there are probably people in Africa without pens, but out they want. The photo you see is not a Jackson Pollock print.  it's my legal pad, where I tested each pen in the pen cups, yes...three of them, on my desk.

Once that was done, I pulled the paper-clips and rubber bands out of the bottom of the pen cups.  Out they went.  It felt liberating. 

I rounded up all my remnant Post-It pads together into one big pad, and pulled down post-its from a few years ago and tossed them. 

The conference call ended.  Who knows what else I could have accomplished, but it's a start and it felt good.   By the way, I checked the stapler.  It still had plenty.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo



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