I know some hardcore golfers, who, if their wives would allow it, they would simply live on the links. And I don't mean that like, they would have a house right on a golf course... I mean that like, they would LITERALLY pitch a tent on the 9th hole and live on the greens.

I'm not sure if Eric Dougal is QUITE that dedicated to the game, but he did just do something pretty incredible on Monday at the Kalamazoo Country Club, and set a record for the most holes played in the First Tee West Michigan Marathon.

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The previous record holder, Eric Bixler, from Grand Rapids, set the record last year with 300 rounds of golf played in the marathon. Dougal wasn't even halfway to that number during the marathon last year, only putting in 126 holes of golf. This year, though, he SHATTERED that record with 360 holes of golf played, starting at 4am at the Kalamazoo Country Club.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator Brian Filter told MLive that from the beginning, the plan was to play before the sun came up.

"He's going to play all day long!"

Dougal started the day using glow in the dark balls on the links, since the sun wasn't even up. He still needed to track his ball. He WAS given a friend to drive him around on a golf cart through the whole ordeal. Then, just before sunset, Dougal called it a day, and recorded his 360th hole, which is exactly 20 rounds of golf in about 14 hours.

The First Tee West Michigan group benefited greatly from Dougal's performance, and donations were made to the program, that provides scholarships to more than 100 students who take part in its program.

Kalamazoo First Tee Area Director Matthew Gifford said in a press release...

"We're excited that Eric is attempting to break the record for most holes played in a marathon... The money Eric has raised so far will provide more than 400 hours of programming for our students on scholarship."

So congratulations to Eric for an amazing 20 rounds of golf... now his next challenge will be to lift his arms at all in the next 48 hours.

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