The City of Kalamazoo is now the latest municipality to give the green light to medical marijuana businesses.

MLive says that the Kalamazoo City Commission voted unanimously Monday to allow medical marijuana growers, processors, transporters, testers and dispensaries within city limits, with certain restrictions. Facilities would need to stay 1000 feet from places like schools and parks, and 500 feet from childcare centers and places of worship; they could also only open in locations zoned for manufacturing and commercial, and dispensaries would be prevented from setting up shop near certain intersections deemed important for future development.

According to the ordinance, they would not be a cap on how many businesses could open up, but provisioning centers would be prohibited from opening up within 1000 feat of each other.

Kalamazoo now joins Portage and Kalamazoo Township in allowing medical pot, along with several municipalities in Calhoun County like the City of Battle Creek and Emmett and Bedford Townships.

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