A state of Michigan regulatory agency is issuing a recall for several different medical marijuana products sold at a provisioning center in Kalamazoo.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' Bureau of Marijuana Regulation issued the health and safety advisory recall on Thursday, for the products sold at Compassionate Care By Design in Kalamazoo, located at 401 N. Sage St. LARA says that these products all failed laboratory testing, because 'chemical residue' was detected.

The products should all have a label on their container that has the license number of the facility that sold it, as well as the batch number assigned to the product .

The following strains and batch numbers are affected by the recall. The strains were sold between 12/12/2018 and 12/29/2018:

  • Critical Cali 1A4040100000515000000014
  • GMO 1A4040100000515000000015
  • Silver Haze 1A4040100000515000000016
  • GSC 1A4040100000515000000017
  • Critical Kush 1A4040100000515000000018
  • Blueberry 1A4040100000515000000019
  • Skunk #1 1A4040100000515000000020
  • Chunk D 1A4040100000515000000021
  • Amnesia Lemon Kush 1A4040100000515000000022
  • Special Kush 1A4040100000515000000023
  • Purple Punch 1A4040100000515000000024

If you have any of these affected medical marijuana products, you should return them to Compassionate Care By Design so they can dispose of it properly.

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