The Kellogg Company announced a second round of job eliminations for 2019. On Tuesday, the cereal maker announced they will eliminate 150 jobs in North America, including about 66 in Battle Creek.

The Battle Creek based food company announced in early February that they were cutting 79 jobs nationally, with 67 of those jobs being in Battle Creek; the cuts to salaried workers took effect February 25.. Kellogg’s says the cuts are done as part of their plan to restructure their North American division, which initially resulted in 30 Battle Creek jobs being cut last November.

On April 1st, Kellogg Company announced the sale of its Keebler cookie business and related products to the company that makes Nutella. Candy maker Ferrero payed approximately $1.3 billion for the Keebler cookie business, and related fruit and fruit-flavored snacks, pie crusts and ice cream cones.

A spokesperson with Kellogg Company stated that the jobs being eliminated are all salaried positions, non of which are manufacturing.

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