It appears that latest Albion City Council recall effort will be allowed to move forward.

The Calhoun County Election Commission decided Thursday to advance the language on the recall petition against city councilwoman Jeanette Spicer due to her failure to respond to correspondence requested by her constituents, according to WWMT.

The recall petition was submitted to the County Clerk’s Marshall Office on Friday, April 12, 2019. The officer, the sponsor and the city clerk were notified within 24 hours via email, phone, and/or by letter.

The purpose of the hearing was to determine whether each reason for the recall stated in the petition was factual and of sufficient clarity to enable the officer whose recall is sought and the electors to identify the course of conduct that is the basis for the recall. The hearing was NOT for the purpose of debating the merit of the allegations.

The Commission does not have the authority to rule on the reasons for recall as only the clarity and factual nature of the recall language is subject to the Commission’s review.

Spicer now has 10 days to appeal the recall effort to the Calhoun County Circuit Court.

We will update to include more information once it is available.

Albion City Council Members are no stranger to recall petitions. In late February a recall petition was filed against Council member Sonya Brown.

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