When I heard of a driving school set to open at Battle Creek's Lakeview Square Mall, I first thought about the famous mall driving scene in the Blues Brothers.  (thanks Movieclips)    Ok, they just have classrooms in the mall.  No driving inside.

The Official Driving School is joining the lineup at Lakeview Square Mall by GK Development, Inc. in February 2019.

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Located next to FunShop X-treme and near NCG Cinema, the Official Driving School, formerly known as Sears Driving School, has offered drivers’ education for more than 40 years. The company offers programs for teenagers and adults, and all classes are led by instructors that have completed rigorous training as well as background checks.

 “Malls aren’t just for shopping anymore,” said Benny Malburg, president of the Official Driving School. “There are a number of service-based industries that are choosing retail center locations because of the convenience factor. We will be able to run late classes, weekend classes and holiday classes - all just to work around our customers’ schedules.”

Official Driving School is set to open next month, and the company is encouraging early enrollment with its grand opening pricing. To register, contact their corporate office at 248-548-8000 or visit OfficialDrivingSchool.com.

Located at 5775 Beckley Road in Battle Creek, the 559,000-square-foot Lakeview Square Mall is anchored by Barnes and Noble, Sears and NCG Cinema. Its other key retailers include Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and more than 30 other mixed-use merchants. Lakeview Square Mall is a premier shopping destination for the regional area.

Photo by Tim Collins/WBCK