A Chicago man was arrested in Battle Creek after using a counterfeit $100 bill he says he received after selling a half an ounce of marijuana.

Battle Creek police arrested a 28 year old Chicago, Illinois, man on charges of passing counterfeit money, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. Officers said they were called at aproximately 4:00 p.m. Saturday to Lakeview Square Mall where the man and a woman had attempted to or actually passed counterfeit $100 bills which were copies made using a real $10 bill.

Police said they received complaints from Shoe Department Encore, Victoria Secret as well as Buffalo Wild Wings. Officers located the man who said he did not have any identification, though police noted that his first name was tattooed on his arm. He also claimed to be staying at a hotel a few miles away but did not remember the name. He said he would have to check his GPS to know where he was coming from because he did not know. He also claimed that he had been riding with a female Uber driver in a 2006 silver BMW although police noted that Battle Creek does not have any Uber drivers. The suspect allegedly told officers he had used a $100 bill to pay for food at Buffalo Wild Wings after selling a half-ounce of marijuana to a man who paid with the $100.

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