Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor visited Battle Creek Tuesday to promote Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s proposal to raise road funding through a gas tax increase.

WWMT says that Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist stopped at the First Congregational Church, and said that the proposed 45-cents a gallon gas tax could help fix both the poor road conditions our state faces as well as the failings in our education system; he says that if the increase was implemented, the state could use that money to fix the roads, preventing the need for money to be diverted away to fund education.

Gilchrist also says that while the increase could cause motorists to pay 23 dollars more a month at the pump, it would be a trade off since you’d have to pay less for car repairs caused by poor roads.

The gas tax increase is part of Governor Whitmer’s plan for the 2020 budget, which is currently being hammered out between her office and the Legislature.

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