A name and a place that are basically synonymous would be Earvin "Magic" Johnson and the Michigan state capital, Lansing. Lansing is the birthplace and hometown of Magic and as he may be a celebrity in the world, he is a living icon in his city. His legendary tale starts way back in the streets and parks of Lansing before moving on to become one of the greatest point guards in NBA history.

Earvin as he was called back then, sometimes EJ, until he was ultimately given the nickname Magic, would attend Lansing Everett High School and begin to make a name for himself. This is where Magic gained his reputation as a winner, he took Everett on multiple runs in the state tournament and even won the State title in 1977. He stayed in state for college and the winning didn't stop there.

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Magic Johnson Promotes Quality Dairy

Lansing, just like every other city in Michigan, has hidden gems and lifelong staples that mean something to the community. Quality Dairy, an ice cream and novelty shop in Lansing, is a staple of the community for so many. They serve the public for basically all of their needs from household items, groceries, and novelties to doughnuts, quality time, and ice cream. Way back in the day, Quality Dairy took advantage of their status and teamed up for a blockbuster promotion.

The collaboration was with none other than Magic Johnson himself. They decided to reach out to arguably the most famous person in Lansing at the time, Magic, while he was still in school to bring in more business. Granted this was WELL before NIL deals so Magic made absolutely NO money from this partnership, but he did get something cool out of it. Magic got to see his face plastered all over an item that I'm sure he never envisioned seeing his face on.

Quality Dairy was able to get some frisbees made for their collaboration and sold them to the public. The frisbee which you can see below shows Magic eating an ice cream cone on the disc with the words "Go For Quality At Quality Dairy."

Adalberto Santibañez Facebook

Fan Feelings

When asked about the frisbee, the day he found it, Lansing, and Magic Adalberto Santibañez said "

"Quality Dairy, & Magic are both Lansing icons. QD has been around longer than I’ve been alive (50yrs). Even though they are a convenience store, nobody around here can touch their doughnuts. Over the years the national doughnut chains have tried to move in & fail every time. They are a staple in this community. & everybody knows about E J & his accomplishments. I loved Magic but hated the Lakers because I was a die-hard Pistons fan. He is a winner. He is a once-in-a-generation great & comes from my neighborhood. As far as finding the disc, I got lucky while helping friends clean out a house, & came across it. I’ve had it for many years"

I was far too young to remember a time when Magic Johnson was the poster boy for any company but the legend lives on forever. In the same way, QD will be a staple that Lansing natives will remember forever for their doughnuts and ice cream, Magic will forever be remembered not only for his basketball skills but also for this masterpiece of a frisbee collaboration.

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