Numerous streets in Battle Creek south of Columbia Ave. are under a boil water advisory as of the morning of Tuesday, May 22.

These boil water advisories are in place because a large scale effort is taking place to replace parts of the water main system. When the water pressure in the system is lowered, potentially harmful bacteria could possibly enter the water supply.

The City of Battle creek says that residents on the following streets should boil their water for at least a minute before using it. That includes not just drinking it, but using it for things like making ice, brushing teen, washing dishes, or food preparation. Boil water advisories typically last at least 24 hours but can go much longer.

The following streets are under a boil water advisory until further notice:

  • Capital Ave. SW from Columbia Ave. to Golden Ave.
  • Brewer Dr. N from Golden to Weeks Ave.
  • Leland Dr. N from Golden to Weeks
  • Weeks from Capital Ave. SW to Riverside Dr.
  • Woods Rd. from Kirkpatrick Dr. to Darragh Dr.
  • Jean Ln. from Kirkpatrick to Darragh
  • Darragh from Weeks to Golden
  • Kirkpatrick from Weeks to Golden
  • Winston Dr. from Weeks to Golden

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