A package of bills introduced in the Michigan Senate would further tighten regulations surrounding remote-controlled aircraft.

Senate Bills 917 through 922 would amend Michigan law to do a variety of things, including making it a crime to operate an unmanned drone in a way that interferes with the job of correctional officers. They would also make it a 4 year felony to use a drone to interfere with the operations of a Key Facility, a term that includes prisons, refineries, cell phone towers, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and more.

One bill would also create the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Joint Program Office in the Michigan Department of Transportation; the office would have the goal of advising the state and the public on regulation surrounding drones, and provide education surrounding restrictions and safe operating procedures.

The bills introduced Wednesday are sponsored by Republican Senators Rick Jones, Darwin Booher, Peter MacGregor and Tom Casperson; they were all referred to the committee on Transportation.

Read the full text of the bills below.

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