A Michigan State Representative from the Battle Creek area is fighting back against a federal plan to radically overhaul America's stance on climate change and numerous other issues.

On Wednesday, Republic Rep. Matt Hall from Emmett Township says his House Resolution 41 was approved by the House Energy Committee 9-7.  The committee vote was split down party lines, with Battle Creek Representative Jim Haadsma joining his fellow Democrats in opposing it.  The resolution opposes the "Green New Deal", a set of proposed "economic stimulus" packages that would call for large-scale spending to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions within 10 years, and also proposes other ideals such as universal healthcare and guaranteed access to a job.

The Green New Deal currently is made up of U.S. House Resolution 109/U.S. Senate Resolution 59, sponsored by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Democratic Sen. Ed Markey from Massachusetts.

Of his the plan, Matt Hall says "This plan would be devastating to the automotive and manufacturing economies Michigan depends on. Not only will this Green New Deal cost taxpayers as much as $93 trillion, it would also cost many of them their jobs."

His HR 41 lays out opposition to the Green New Deal as outlined in those federal resolutions, and encourages "our national leaders to pursue smarter evidence-based regulatory practices".

The resolution is now before the Michigan House for their consideration.

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