Michigan's Secretary of State announced plans for the most comprehensive post-election audits in state history.

Secretary of State Benson announced shortly after noon on Wednesday, December 9 that the Michigan Bureau of Elections would be conducting a statewide audit in conjunction with audits in more than 200 jurisdictions within the state. The move comes as the division between both the democrat and republican parties widens and allegations of rampant voter fraud continue.

A news release from Michigan's Secretary of State announced the preliminary plans for the historic post-election audits of any election in the state.  The plans include a statewide risk-limiting audit, a complete zero-margin risk-limiting audit in Antrim County, and procedural audits in more than 200 jurisdictions statewide, including absentee ballot counting boards.

I am a longstanding proponent of post-election audits to review election procedure and affirm public confidence in our elections,” said Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. “By conducting the most comprehensive set of audits in our state’s history, the Bureau of Elections and Michigan’s more than 1,600 local election clerks are demonstrating the integrity of our election.

Many of these audits are ongoing or will be commencing after the completion of recounts. The process entails the hand-counting of thousands of randomly selected ballots statewide. The audit for Antrim County will include a hand tally of every ballot, which can be compared against the machine-tabulated results.

The bureau says the audit should be completed by mid-January.

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