It’s not often when we see a Michigan State Representative calling out the State Attorney General as the lawmaker may be investigated by the AG. But that’s what is happening this week as we continue to see the fallout from a recent State Senate committee report. It could be described as a case of investigating the investigator.

State Representative Steve Carra says Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessell needs to watch her step as she moves ahead to begin her investigation of people in Michigan who have made claims of election fraud.  The State Senate Oversight Committee recently promoted that kind of action in its controversial 2020 election fraud report.  Critics say the committee looked at some things it didn’t need to and ignored many other claims that needed attention. A grassroots conservative group labeled committee chair, Senator Ed McBroom and the committee members who signed on to the report as “enemies of the people”.

Representative Carra, a Republican from Three Rivers, says the Attorney General going after people raising legitimate election fraud issues leans toward constitutional violations of fundamental rights of Americans. Carra, along with several other state representatives including Republican Matt Maddock, say they are closely monitoring everything they can regarding the Attorney Generals' new probe with a specific focus on the abuse of constitutional rights.

Representative Carra won a lawsuit against Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson last fall. That led to an amended state advisory protecting the rights of poll challengers. But Carra says that was ignored by many elections officials throughout the state. No wonder he says, people are mad and continuing to raise questions about election integrity.

Jointly released comments from AG Nessel and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson in response to a related course case show the deep divide involved as they said, "Courts in Michigan and across the country have affirmed the truth about the integrity and accuracy of the 2020 election by dismissing the dozens of frivolous lawsuits launched by partisan actors with the singular goal of undermining our democracy because their preferred candidate lost. If we allow their willful misleading of the public and their purposeful attacks on our democracy go unchecked, then we all lose.”

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