Well, it was bound to happen, first in Dallas Texas and now right here in Michigan.

A barber said enough is enough, I am an adult and opened up his barbershop following all of the “social distancing” orders.  The local police then promptly showed up at his business's door and ticketed him.

The 77-year-old barber told the Detroit News that he was in “despair and needed to open his business.   The barber’s name is Karl Manke and he owns Karl Manke's Barber & Beauty on Main Street in Owosso Michigan.  He is telling the world:

I’m not trying to prove some point. I needed to get back to work…I was in despair. I don’t have anybody paying me unless I’m doing work

He went on to say what has become one of my favorite quotes:

I don’t need the governor to be my mother. … I can make these adult decisions myself

Welcome to the Nanny state Karl.  A state in which we have accumulated enough scientific data to tell us that we can open as long as high-risk people still quarantine themselves.  The vast majority of us can get back to work relatively safely.  If you think about it how many people are you coming in contact with at all the “essential” stores you are going to.

We must now ask ourselves what is the strategy of these Governors and their dictatorial control?  Is it to shelter in place until we have a vaccine because that is not a strategy?

When it comes to the economies of their states these Governors with their draconian and haphazard “orders” seem to believe we either lock it down and live or open it up and die.

With the wealth of data about COVID-19 accumulated over the last several months, Democrats have appeared to now become the science deniers and President Trump is the one following the science.

Mr., Manke said that he worked 15-hours on Monday and Tuesday, wearing a mask the entire time he was cutting hair and used an ultraviolet sanitizer on his tools

Mr. Manke’s wife said her husband just got fed up after not receiving his unemployment or stimulus payments.  Once again the “state” telling you to stop earning money yet not providing you with the means to live.

Has Governor Whitmer given the citizens of Michigan, who she put out of work, any monies to feed their families and pay their bills?

That answer would be a big fat NO!

President Trump has with the additional $600 a week on unemployment and the $1,200 per person and $500 per child Economic Impact Payment.

Mr. Manke simply needed to reopen his business to pay their bills, bills in which the person who put him out of business refused to offer any help at all to pay his bills.

People from all over the state have been flocking to his business for a haircut and to show their support.  His wife said:

last man Monday night paid me $500 for his haircut

Because he opened his business in defiance of Whitmer two Owosso police officers wearing masks showed up at his business, not to get a haircut but to deliver him a ticket for violating Whitmer’s order.  That ticket is a misdemeanor that can cost him a $1,000 fine per day.

What did Mr, Manke do?  He politely took the ticket and returned to work.

This true American told the AP that:

I’m not going to close up unless they handcuff and carry me out of here…I’m making a living. If I have to spend it all on court costs, I’ll do it. I’ll recover.

Governor Whitmer as one sign at the Operation Gridlock Lansing said:

Pharaoh Whitmer let our people go

by Renk Listener who wishes to remain anonymous
by Renk Listener who wishes to remain anonymous

I have a question that "reporters" who are blessed with access to Whitmer should ask:

When was the last time you have had your hair cut or professional done?

Also, do you do your own makeup or does a professional?  If a professional does do your makeup when was the last time you had that done?

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