A large organization of Michigan greenhouse operators, garden centers, and suppliers, are telling Governor Gretchen Whitmer they plan to open May 1st. It’s sort of a statement with a question built in. It amounts to an attempt to bump the Governor into action to officially clear the way for Michigan businesses to reopen. The Michigan Greenhouse Growers Council has delivered a communication to the Governor outlining how its  71 major greenhouse member operators are ready to provide safe service to customers and maintain employee health protections. The greenhouses employ about 9,000 workers throughout Michigan. They play an important role in the state’s agriculture industry. Nationally, Michigan’s greenhouse industry is the third largest, behind only California, and Florida. The growers association is telling the governor it has a long list of safety precautions and procedures already in place and it’s ready to help lead the reopening of Michigan for business. Many greenhouses and garden centers are preparing for the anticipated opening on May 1st.  So far, there’s no public response from the Governor’s office to the nudge from the greenhouse operators.

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