Traveling was miserable for drivers in Michigan on Thursday, January 6 thanks to a powerful winter storm that moved across parts of the state.

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Several slide-offs and accidents were reported in areas of I-94 and U.S. 131 in Allegan, Berrien, Kalamazoo, Kent, and Van Buren Counties as well as on other secondary roadways and in counties further north along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

One person who had to drive in some of the worst conditions Thursday was Kalamazoo County resident Tim Bachman, who was traveling for work. He says he saw dozens of vehicles off the road and other accidents while on I-94 in Van Buren and Berrien counties. It included two separate Amazon semi-trucks that had veered off the road.

He was able to safely take a couple of photos while traffic was stopped in these two areas.


The first truck had slid off the roadway on I-94 near Decatur.

Amazon Truck - Courtesy Tim Bachman
Amazon Truck - Courtesy Tim Bachman

The second truck slid off of I-94 in the Berrien Springs area.

Amazon Truck 2 - Courtesy Tim Bachman
Amazon Truck 2 - Courtesy Tim Bachman

Of course, we have no idea if these trucks were actually delivering items in Michigan or just passing through, so the headline is more tongue-in-cheek. But on a serious note, there were several other crashes and some that could have been a lot worse. It includes two involving Michigan State Police cruisers that also happened on I-94 in Van Buren County.

A trooper was standing outside of his car near the Hartford exit when it was hit during the morning of Thursday. He was not injured. The second crash happened a few hours later in the early afternoon, in the same general area, and that trooper suffered minor injuries.

Be very careful when you have to drive in these conditions and if you don't have to travel, just stay home.

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