The latest census data is not compiled, but annual census estimates for Michigan don’t look good. The latest annual report from the government shows Michigan is a loser when it comes to population figures. It is one of a number of states predicted to show population declines. What may be the most notable result from the loss of residents is the potential loss of a seat in the US House of Representatives. We all learned from civics classes that each state gets the same number of two US Senators. But representation in the House of Representatives is based on population. This looks to be the first drop in the state’s population in the last decade. Up until this last year, Michigan’s population grew by close to 90 thousand since 2010.

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The new data shows Michigan losing more than 18 thousand people over the last year, ending up at around 9,966,500.  In 2004, the state population level hit its peak so far at about 10,055,000. Now, the University of Michigan Population Studies Center is estimating Michigan will lose a congressional district, which also means losing a vote in the Electoral College.

It will also mean a loss in tax money being returned to Michigan from the feds. That is why cities like Battle Creek have aggressively pushed for residents to be sure and return census forms. Battle Creek is on the edge of a key level of tax money coming back to support things like the city transportation system, which many rely on to get around. Several other Midwestern states like Illinois and Ohio also lost numbers through the estimating process. We’ll know for sure in a couple of months when the new verified census figures are released.

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