More than a quarter of the Michigan workforce has already filed for unemployment benefits because of COVID-19 virus shutdowns and closing orders. Yesterday’s opening of benefits for self-employed and independent contractors saw the state’s online unemployment system fall apart and shut down. Again. State technicians went to work and it appears the system was brought back online overnight. If you’ve run into problems with Michigan’s online unemployment benefits registration system, there may be a fix you can use. State technicians have set up some online tools to help resolve technical issues. If that fails, there’s also a new way to report issues directly to state technicians to get them to review the particulars of what you’re encountering. As many as 5% of those using the online system to register, have run into roadblocks. If the online prompts don’t get you on track, the tools will make it easier for technicians to contact you directly so they can help resolve things like password problems, locked accounts, or authentication code errors. So if the system messed up on you, go back online. If problems persist, use the problem reporting link to get in direct contact with a technician.

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