A trio of bills introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives before their summer recess would prevent adoption agencies from denying services based on their religious beliefs.

House Bills 6230, 6231, and 6232 would repeal parts of Michigan’s law that allow “child placing agencies” to refuse services on the basis of their “sincerely held religious beliefs”, and parts of the law that prevent the state of Michigan from taking action against such refusal.

Sponsored by Democrats Tim Sneller of Genesee County, Sam Singh of East Lansing, and Jon Hoadley of Kalamazoo, and cosponsored by several other Democratic Representatives, the bills would prevent the refusal of service for any religious reason. However, the situation that has gotten the most press in recent years is the rejection of adoption attempts by same-sex couples, a practice that got the state of Michigan sued by the American Civil Liberties Union last fall.

The three bills were referred to the Committee on Judiciary.

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