It appears that the big question among many in Michigan today is if they should still wear a mask either outside, inside or both.  Where do you stand on that question?

I read an article in the Detroit Free Press that asked people in and around Detroit their thoughts on wearing or not wearing a mask.  I found one in particular very interesting.  Let me start off with I do not care who wears a mask and who does not, that is your personal choice.  I do find it interesting that most who supported forced mask use and ridiculed those who chose not to wear them, are also the ones who ask that they not be ridiculed for using a mask that science states they no longer need to.

One 71-year-old vaccinated man fishing by himself of the Detroit river said:

“I think it’s still too early to stop wearing your mask...A lot of people ain’t never been vaccinated. You don’t know how many ain’t been vaccinated. So I’m just going to keep my mask on, just to be safe,”

A man who works at an automotive repair shop said he wears a mask:

“with an elderly customer that requests that I wear a mask”

He went on to say that at all other times he nor his staff do not wear a mask and stated:

“I don’t look sideways at people who wear one, and I don’t look sideways at people who don’t...they’ve made this virus into a political statement...There are plenty of other states that do not require you to wear a mask and they’re doing just fine”

So true, look at Florida and Texas they are doing and have done much better than  Michigan, California, New Jersey and Illinois.

A vaccinated couple in their mid-seventies told the Free Press that they do take masks with them when shopping but find themselves wearing them less and less.  They stated:

“I prefer not to wear it...If I can get away without it, I love it”

I saved the best one for last.

A vaccinated employer told a Free Press reporter that:

“Wearing a mask is required here. So we do follow the rules...Everybody has their own differences with the mask and everything, but overall we just follow the protocol of the state of Michigan”

He added that in his personal life:

“Every time I go out if I go to the store, haircut, grocery store or anything like tha I’m always wearing a mask”

He runs a vape shop that sells death in a vial as well as other smoking and vaping products for consuming marijuana, including water pipes and cigarette papers.

Where do you stand what appears to be a major question in some people's lives today, to wear or not to wear a mask?

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