At this point is it fair to start wondering about the competence of Governor Whitmer?  She was already caught back in May of this year breaking her own distance requirement when she was found partying at an East Lansing bar, Landshark, with more than double the number of people allowed at her table.

As I have reported before this has happened over and over again. It has now happened once again as it has before and before that time and before that time and before that time. Here is a good question, is Governor Whitmer incapable of learning from her past mistakes or does she really not care what anyone thinks of her elitism?

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This time she was caught maskless in a very crowded Washington D.C. bar, the Vue, in a city where masks are required.  A hotel staffer told the Washington Free Beacon, who reported on this illegal act, stated that “bar patrons are required to wear masks when not actively eating or drinking”. Whitmer was not eating, drinking or wearing a mask.

This is the same Governor Whitmer who broke her own mask mandate and flew to Florida on a private jet, illegally, while telling the rest of us not to go on spring break and especially do not go to that horribly run state called Florida.

Here is a question, was the owners of the Landshark Bar in East Lansing ever arrested or even given a fine for allowing the Covid requirements to be broken like the owner of Marlena's Bistro and Pizzeria was?

Do be a silly goose, of course not!

It appears Whitmer will never learn from her mistakes, which many of us know is a sign of wisdom.  A trait she appears to lack.

Or does she simply not care because she is better than you and above all requirements and laws?

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