When it comes to voting this fall who do you believe said the following:

“"If we don't fix these things in November, we're going to have a very bad situation that could turn into a disaster."

Was it President Trump?  


It was Aghogho Edevbie, state director of the advocacy organization called All Voting is Local.

Interesting since President Trump been saying that exact same thing for over a month and taking major heat from the left, some on the right, and the mainstream manipulative news.

What I find interesting is the Detroit Free Press, a very far-left activist group that puts words on a piece of paper and internet, actually reported this.  What did not surprise me is they never attacked Aghogho Edevbie for his comments but they do attack President Trump for these same comments.

What will Governor Whitmer and Secretary of State Benson say about this?  They both have attacked President Trump for expressing the exact same thought in almost the exact same words.

Some of the problems Mr. Edevbie pointed out where:

"While many aspects of this primary were a first, from the widespread use of vote by mail to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, there is no excuse for ballots not arriving on time or polling locations to open late and not be adequately staffed”

SOS Benson stated that Tuesday’s primary went pretty well in her estimation but they believe the turnout last Tuesday was less than half of what is coming our way this fall.

ACLU Michigan Sharon Dolente stated that they knew there would be an uptick of Absentee ballots this primary due to the 2018 law which allows for no-reason absentee voting.  Ms. Dolente went on to say that planning only goes so far and:

"Election officials need resources to do what needs to be done to process that level of absentee ballots. That includes money for temporary staff...If you have to process twice as many absentee ballots and mail out twice as many absentee ballots as you've ever done before, you are going to need more bodies and more resources to pay for those folks."

Hmmmmmmmmm, it seems like I have heard that before.  Where and who said that, oh that’s right it was President Trump who said the exact same thing.

SOS Benson has already been given approximately $11 million in federal coronavirus aid but said millions more are needed to ensure a successful general election. Millions more are needed, what have you spent the $11 million on?

Ms. Benson then went on to make a ridiculous request when she called for the full funding of the U.S. Postal Service. What does she actually mean by “full funding” of the USPS?  If it means covering up for all of their debt they have accumulated and their colossal $120 billion in pension and other post-employment unfunded liabilities. Did you know that amount of unfunded pension obligations is approximately the amount equal to the GDP of Ukraine?

One thing we can count on whoever loses in the fall will always be able to blame it on the mail-in vote.

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