Punxsutawney Phil has nothing on Michigan's weather prognosticating Woody the Woodchuck who boasts a record of being correct roughly 76 percent of the time.

Woody the Woodchuck is a trailblazer being one of only a few females foreseeing into the future to make her weather predictions. Woody the Woodchuck is relatively new to the weather predicting game compared to Pennsylvania's Phil. Woody began making her weather predictions 22 years ago while good ole Phil has been at it since 1887. But can we really count on Punxsutawney Phil's predictions? Especially with only a 39 percent accuracy rate? I think not!

Woody the Woodchuck may be comparatively new to the prognosticating when spring will arrive but with a significantly better accuracy rate, I'm team Woody. Watch her make her prediction below.

Woody calls the Howell Nature Center home. They are working to ensure this weather predicting lady has digs fit for the prowess she has displayed. She truly is deserving of her title as Michigan's Official groundhog. You can donate to efforts to improve her's and the other Howell Nature Center woodchucks habitats by clicking here. Or by clicking here.

The Howell Nature Center has been around for 50 years and provides education, recreation, and wildlife facility for individuals and groups from all over the Midwest. It sits on 230 acres between Howell and Pinckney and is a non-profit organization funded primarily through programs, private donations, and special events.

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