Grand Valley State University has been imposing a series of orders and restrictions on students due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Now, just over two weeks out from Thanksgiving, the university is telling students they need to tighten up some more.  WOOD-TV reports the university is essentially telling students they need to be extra cautious when considering contact with other people during the holiday period. Grand Valley is telling students they should only leave home for things like attending classes or to get food or medicine. The university also says it's okay for them to go to a job, or to work out.

The Director of GVSU’s Virus Action Team is hoping that the university’s program of offering free virus testing will encourage more students to take that step and then do more to prevent the spread of the virus. The university virus information page carries some specific information about the testing options for students.

“COVID-19 testing is available for those who come to campus at least one day per week. Testing will take place on November 9-19. One test per person will be paid for by the university. Testing for people who do not have symptoms or who have not had direct exposure to someone with COVID will take place on the Allendale and Pew Grand Rapids campuses. Those eligible will receive an email with a link to schedule an appointment and additional details.”

The university virus information page also highlights free flu shot information. “GVSU/Meijer Free Flu Clinics for students will be held on the Allendale and Pew Grand Rapids campuses the week of November 16. The event is in collaboration with Grand Valley, the State of Michigan, and Meijer Pharmacy. “ More specific information for students about next week’s flu shot program was just sent out by email.

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