Some other parts of Michigan are catching up with the big price hikes in retail gasoline that hit Battle Creek and Kalamazoo last week. Prices across Calhoun County have pretty much spiked following last week’s hike up to around $2.55 a gallon. Some stations in Battle Creek have begun dropping prices into the $2.30 a gallon range.

Statewide, AAA Michigan reports the new average for a gallon of unleaded is now at $2.50 a gallon.  That’s an $0.11 a gallon bump from last week.

But considering the new $2.50 average, the Detroit area still has lots of stations well below that level. reports most of the top 10 lowest priced gas stations were at or lower than $2.13 a gallon overnight. And the lowest price in the state is there and was at $1.99 overnight.

Our $2.50 a gallon average for the state is the highest price since January 2020 according to AAA. The new average is up by $0.32 from last month and now $0.12 higher than last year.  And with the national average going up just a couple pennies, it is now matching the Michigan average.

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CSP Daily News reports the reliable Lundberg Report ties the higher retail gas prices to the steady upward march of crude oil prices.  That started last Fall. AAA’s Adrienne Woodland agrees. She says, “An increase in crude utilization and increasing crude prices have contributed to higher pump prices. It's likely that drivers will see this trend continue through the month of February."

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